About HCE

Mobile payment has arrived!

In 2013, Google made a major breakthrough in the market by announcing that secure elements can now be emulated by software.

Host Card Emulation, or HCE, allows banks to bypass a major obstacle to the deployment of mobile payment, by making issuers independant from any third party. Now, consumers can digitize their card into a mobile by simply downloading an ordinary app. Although Apple Pay is beginning to spread throughout Europe, in 2015, Android still represents more than 80% of the smartphone OS market.

This obviously creates a need for an adapted and secure HCE solution for these clients. In order to help you face this challenge, Antelop Solutions offers a secure, safe, and easy-to-deploy array of solutions.

Over the past 12 months , given the huge success of contactless payment cards, with transactions reaching as much as 1 billion cards issued in Europe alone with Visa, such an impressive and fast rise can also be expected for its mobile version.

For card issuers, the question is no longer “should we go for it?” but “What is the best way to do it?”

What is HCE?

A universal solution that offers more autonomy to banks

The HCE solution is compatible with the greatest number of mobile phones on the market. During 2015’s second trimester, Android runs on 82.2% of all shipped smartphones (IDC source) and NFC is now present on the majority of mobiles.

The HCE solution is independent from MNOs, mobile manufacturers and Google. It allows you to be in full command of your mobile payment offers and services, thus keeping control over your relationship with your customers.

The simplest solution for end users.

Mobile payment, using HCE technology, only requires users to have an Android smartphone, with an NFC chip, to download a dedicated payment app, or to let their usual online banking app be updated, and voilà ! Clear and simple instructions for your clients.
Antelop Solutions offers an experience that follows standards set by MasterCard. Here’s how it works:

  • Download a dedicated app or update the already-existing banking app.
  • Enter the activation code that will have been communicated to the client through a secure and safe channel.
  • Choose a personal PIN code.

When paying, there is no need to launch any apps nor to unlock the device. All that is required is to light up the screen and put it on the payment terminal. This simple move prevents contactless pickpocketing.

Thanks to your app, your clients can access additional pages such as geolocated transaction history, security settings, commercial offers and more.

A solution that requires no action or new implementation by sellers and businesses

Merchants already accept mobile payment because transactions are completed on the same terminals as those used for payment through contactless payment cards. Thus no change is needed.