Our Smart Solution

What is Antelop Solutions?

A custom-made solution featuring

An Android app that comes either under the form of
a white label app redesigned to fit the bank’s visual identity. or a software development kit to be added to any already-existing banking app.

A server component installed on information systems. We come with a very adaptable solution that takes into account the specifications of your systems, thus allowing us to reduce time periods and minimize costs.

Software or SaaS

We provide you with a full-fledged piece of software to be installed in your infrastructure. You operate your solution according to your needs and mutualize processing and maintenance with your existing services. The advantages are numerous: cost optimization, a greater product customization, and an increased reactivity in a sector prone to rapid evolutions. Another significant advantage is that you will remain fully independent.
A 100% controlable solution: The Antelop solution is devised and engineered internally. Thanks to our control over the whole production process, we are able to adapt our components to your specific needs with a maximal reactiv


Today, Antelop Solutions is one of the rare companies in the world whose app has reached the highest security level.

Antelop’s Happy benefits

The Antelop Solutions app acts as a dematerialized secure element thus bringing to your clients a very high security level. Besides, contactless payment, the app is a secure and safe way to proceed to: online payments thanks to dynamic cryptograms (CVX2). web banking login. digital signature over sensitive operations such as wire transfer .