The “digitized card” ecosystem has recently been stabilized by card schemes tokenization. Schemes centralized Token Service Providers (TSPs), like Visa VTS and Mastercard MDES, ensure secure card digitization replacing a PAN (Primary Account Number) by a token dedicated to a specific use case, dramatically reducing fraud.

Now banks just need to connect to schemes’ TSPs to onboard any digital payment innovation like OEM Pays (Apple, Google, Samsung Pay…), NFC Issuer wallets, ecommerce tokenization… But their existing card systems can be a challenge for such innovation: legacy Card Management Systems – CMS, gaps between debit, credit and prepaid, complex ISO integration, multi-scheme support and frequent evolutions…

Antelop Issuer TSP Hub:

  • provides a unified connectivity for issuers to schemes tokenization: Visa VTS, Mastercard MDES and CB

  • handles all secure communications from Card enrolment (push-provisioning, PAN entry OTP based…) to Token lifecycle management through a single set of APIs

  • offers unified Token management tools (multi-scheme, multi-device, multi-use case)

  • simplifies your launch of any use case: Apple, Google, Samsung Pay, your Bank Pay…

  • brings agility, better time-to-market and high level of adaptations

  • limits TSPs dependency

The PCI DSS SaaS solution is already certified Visa VTS and Mastercard MDES for issuers (among the Top 2 worldwide), and live with several use cases (e.g. Apple Pay).

Issuer TSP Hub diagram