NFC Issuer wallet

We’ve all been using “Tap and Pay” technology for several years now. But paying with a physical credit or debit card could soon be a thing of the past due to the prevailing usage of smartphone. Banks and card issuers have a key digital asset with their Mobile Banking applications. Payment remains a strategic part of the customer relationship with daily engagement.

Now, Banks have a unique opportunity to digitize cards on the mobile and enrich their android banking app with secure NFC payments (based on HCE – Host Card Emulation technology). Industry consensus around Card Digitization is strong. Digitized cards are easier to deliver, faster to replace and cheaper, unlocking unlimited potential for Banks’ value-added experiences like: instant issuance on the mobile, real-time digital card management, credit-based payment options…

Antelop offers a white-label NFC issuer wallet transforming your banking application into a secure NFC mobile payment solution with your own brand and visual identity. It comes with a certified multi-scheme SDK supporting major card schemes (Visa, Mastercard and CB). Instant card digitization can be in-app and is performed through our PCI DSS cloud platform directly connected to schemes tokenization.

The SaaS solution is already certified Visa VTS, Mastercard MDES and CB for a simplified launch. You just need to integrate our SDK with Antelop agile support, usually in less than 2 months. To ease integration and reduce time-to-market, Antelop can also provide a white-label user interface or application with your own look and feel.

Your customers can now “Tap and Pay” with their banking app, without any payment limits and any data connection. Just tapping the phone on the POS terminal awakes your app. The solution natively includes Strong Customer Authentication (PIN, fingerprint, unlock-device, facial recognition) that can be setup for payment depending on transaction amount

NFC Issuer wallet transaction

Leading certifications

Antelop is Visa VTS, Mastercard MDES and Cartes Bancaires (CB) certified, relying on schemes tokenization.

The company reached unique multi-scheme certifications (among the Top 2 worldwide), with live implementations from T1 banks to smaller issuers in several geographies.

Highest security

Antelop is among the very few with highest security compliance from card schemes: Visa, Mastercard and Cartes Bancaires (CB).

Please refer to our dedicated Security section