Onboarding, customer authentication, payment

Onboarding, customer authentication & payment

Upgraded banking experience


A comprehensive solution

Offer a leading digital banking journey to your customers through a secure white-label solution.

From Mobile Onboarding to Strong Customer Authentication and Digital Payments, our unique approach ensures unified customer experience, simplified integration and maintenance

with best-in-class end-to-end security.


Digital Onboarding

Customer Authentication

NFC & QR Payments


Bring banking customer experience to the next level

Banking industry is facing more and more disruptive challenges on the way to engage with customers and offer them secure financial services.

Intense competition from Fintechs and Neo-banks is creating new market standards with digital first and seamless mobile experiences.

Customers are now expecting convenient, instant and secure remote Banking services, which is key value proposition from new digital players. The battle of Front-end and digital customer engagement has just begun.

Antelop partners with banks to take up this strategic challenge and offer “Upgraded banking experience” for your customers: all-in-one solution with unique Mobile Onboarding, leading security Strong Authentication and best-in-class Digital Payments platform





For you

For your customers


Seamless experience

Ultimate digital banking experience, natively including latest biometrics authentication, securing all digital banking use cases


Instant services

Enrol customers, digitize cards, authenticate and approve transactions instantly with a fast responding and automated process


Established trust

Embedded End-to-End security for any sensitive banking operation: from Enrolment to Authentication and Payments


Attraction and retention

Transform your banking app into a customer engagement tool with best-in-class digital experience from onboarding to payment


Improved security

Highest level of security with an EMV chip like technology including latest encryption and security protocols to prevent any fraud and financial loss


Simplified integration

SDK and API based adaptive solutions simplifying your project. Save time and budget for high ROI



Because managing security and payments implies responsibility, excellence and trust, our solutions are fully certified by major card schemes and regularly audited by third party labs

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Our Partners

Strategic support from large international Partners promoting Antelop solutions outside Europe with already several successful implementations

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Several large European banks already chose and trust Antelop for their strategic digital banking services

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